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A podcast on living that freelance life.

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Andrew reviews Amrita's latest purchases with a jaundiced eye, our homes are completely falling apart, Andrew makes new friends in rural Minnesota/Canada, and we contemplate the existential dread of (...
December 3, 2019
We discuss how to avoid succumbing to the "cult of busyness" -- even when your to-do list grows truly infinite ...but first, we break down Amrita's recent pilgrimage to the mecca of all things Dolly P...
November 19, 2019
In this late-spring minisode 2, Amrita makes a shocking mom-retail choice, Andrew explores new email signoffs for professional correspondence, plus we discuss syndicated radio queen Delilah, high scho...
June 7, 2019
In which: our company turned one year old (!), we do a photo shoot, Andrew tries to change his mean resting face, Amrita tries rich-lady pilates, and we embark on full fashion makeovers.
May 28, 2019
Back in the saddle! We catch you up on our 2018 of TOO many jobs (fashion! opera! jetsetting!), and bring you a whole cornucopia of New Year's odds and ends: leaning into the wintry misery of MLK week...
January 9, 2019
This week we welcome Andrew's mother Rhonda -- business owner, accounting guru, & social media liberal firebrand. Rhonda talks money matters for freelancers, career advice, tips on social justice ...
October 1, 2018
We're back, and summer's on! We talk about Resting Commute Face, the anthropology of metal shows, and force a very good natured audio engineer to answer our basic-ass audiophile questions, and find ou...
July 16, 2018
Come along on our deep dive into riveting noodle politics with Umi Organic founder, Lola Milholland. We also cover the nightmare of "audience participation", and Andrew's figure skating dreams.
March 11, 2018
It's 2018: so far, Andrew is unemployed and Amrita is hangry...but we're definitely going places! We bring you our conversation with wonderful TV writer/producer Vanessa King about all things televisi...
January 24, 2018
In this special wintery episode, we reveal our sloppiest office holiday party hijinks, how to compose killer playlists, and the *big secret* behind Shen Yun. 
December 21, 2017

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